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Protecting Minors From Internet Harm.
From when children are young they have been exposed to internet usage. Children nowadays are more knowledgeable and can access the internet easily. There are many children that are however not aware of the dangers attached to the internet.
CHildren should be protected when accessing the internet since there are many dangers lurking. A research carried out states that nearly 15% of children who use the Internet are prone to getting sexual advancements from online people.
Parents are able to curb these instances . Whenever the child is using the internet ensure they are safe at all costs.

Ensure you are aware of what the child is doing online.
With the many dangerous sites, parents do not want their children falling victim at any point. Ensure as a parent you are aware at all time s in order to keep the child fro much harm.
Talk to your child and ensure they are well aware of the lurking dangers. Be open with the children let them know there are bad people who use the Internet and can cause harm to them. Let your child feel that they can inform you o any possible stalkers on the internet with bad intentions.
Rules set will guide the children when they are using the internet. Your child should have a list of websites that they are to access. a The children should ask for permission from their parents to talk to anyone via the internet.
Inform your child of the dangers of sharing personal information with strangers online.
Ensure as a parent you are well aware of what your children are doing online. This can and should be done regularly by checking history to know what the child has been accessing. This can be done also by keeping the technology devices in an are where you can easily monitor them.

Make sure that the websites have parental control. Parental controls you set are done according to age appropriateness . If the child is responsible and grown they are allowed to access some of the sites.
Always ensure you can tell whenever your child is associating with a stalker online. When the child is distant and tends to be online a lot and always getting calls and peculiar emails make sure to investigate. With the may online dangers of sexual predators ensure that whenever your child is contacted they can reach out o you.
Make sure that children can use the internet without worrying about any dangers. Parents should rely on the right strategies to endure a safe environment on the internet. Following rules will ensure parents are in full control ad can easily protect their children from internet harm.